Winner of the 2016 Arvada Small Business Excellence Award!

It takes a lot to run a successful small business and we're proud to announce that we have been selected as a winner of the 2016 Arvada Small Business Award. Yay for us! And yay for you, because our clients are the real winners!

My specialty is being able to listen to a business owner and create a brand that puts exactly what they hoped for on paper (or the screen). I can honestly say I’ve never had an unhappy client. And they definitely have a happy designer.

In 2007, I realized it was time to merge my two passions. I began my own design firm and specialized in branding and  design for small businesses. My years of design have made me an expert at creating powerful visual images. My years of coaching and listening keenly to my clients gave me the ability to hear the things that people don’t say and ask the questions that reveal their vision.

The combination is magical.

Karen Schmedeke

Design fanatic by day, deep thinker by night.

I have had two huge passions in my life. The first is design. As long as I can remember, I paid attention to movie titles, the colors on menus, the shapes of the names on matchbook covers. The second is wisdom – seeing the big picture in every situation life offers. To express the first passion, I became a designer, worked as Art Director, then Creative Director in ad agencies. The second resulted in a coaching and seminar business, using humor and inspiration to help people make their dreams come true.